Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today, Saturday, 2-27-10, the Blue Knights TX XX had it's first Chapter ride of 2010. We went to Lindsay Texas and met up with 7 other Blue Knights Chapters, from Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois. Scroll down and ride with us and our guests and check out today's activities. On today's ride were: Russ & Linda, Kyle & Amy, Johnny & LeeAnn, Lenny & Leslie, Mike & Debi, Danny & Kandy, Dennis & Moe, Ray & Laura, John S, John B (me), Bobby D, Bobby H, Van, Jim and Mike Y. REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

We met at the Shell Station at US 287 & Windthorst here in Wichita Falls Texas. We had briefing at 0945 hrs and went KSU at 1000 hrs. The temperature was 34 degrees with blue sky. Here is John S gassing up his Harley.

As we wait for others to arrive, those already there, visit.

This is Moe showing off her new Harley Davidson hat. She told me they had a name for this hat, but, as you all know , I have CRS and I forgot...

This is Debi & Mike.

This is Danny & Kandy..

This is Van.

This is Mike B and Jim. Jim owns Jim's Bike Detail Shop here in Wichita Falls. For more info, see the post just prior to this one.

Russ (our Road Captain), Kyle (our Vice President) and Van

Leslie & Amy. Good friends DO hug don't they? lol

This is LeeAnn, Johnny, Moe & Dennis

Leslie, Kenny, Bobby D & Kyle

Amy's Harley Street Bob. In the photo are Russ, Mike B & Mike Y.

Our Back Patch as one of the Blue Knights TX XX wanders off.

Left to right: John S, Russ, Kandy (back to camera), Mike Y, Danny (back to camera) and Van

Left to right: Leslie, Kenny, John S & Bobby D

Johnny & LeeAnn talking to Moe

left to right: BLUE KNIGHTS TX XX: Kyle (Vice President), me (President,) & Russ ( Road Captain/Director)

Left to right: Mike B, Jim, John S, Mike Y and Kyle & Amy

Russ's colors with his Nick Name at the bottom

1000 hrs rolls around and we set off Southbound on US 287. Here is the obligatory mirror shot showing Kyle in the VP # 3 slot. I am riding #2 and Russ is out front in the #1 Road Captain's slot. Kenny & Leslie are the in the tail gunners slot at the rear of the formation and in communication with Russ by Radio. Today, we are in the Staggered Formation

Our leaders, Russ & Linda out front as we roll South down US 287

Russ & Linda as we are now on US 82, Eastbound towards Nocona Texas and our first stop. We would pick up Laura & Ray there. They were riding in from Bowie Texas to join us

The view behind me as we continue Eastbound. That is Kyle directly behind me to my left and John S behind him.

We get to Nocona Tx and our first stop. Here are Kenny and Bobby H

me, Laura & Ray after they arrived in Nocona. Actually, I had to go get them. I had told them to meet us at the wrong gas station. They were about a block and a half down the road. Sorry, ya'll...

Some of the bikes at rest stop 1 in Nocona Texas

Milling around in Nocona Texas

The break over, we swing North towards Spanish Fort. The formation behind me.

The long, straight road in front of us as Russ leads us North.

We make it to Spanish Fort only to find that our route South is a dirt & gravel road. We pull over and check for an alternate route. Here is the group at the Historical Marker in Spanish Fort, Texas

As Russ checks the route, I get another mirror shot.

A final view at the historical marker in Spanish Fort Texas

We leave Spanish Fort and get onto TX 103. Here is the formation as we head South toward Muenster Texas

Russ & Linda as we continue South on TX 103.

Between Spanish Fort & Muenster Texas, we head towards the giant wind turbines.

Getting closer to the wind turbines

The turbines off to our right

We roll into Muenster Texas from the North. Here we will head East on US 82.

As we were ahead of schedule, we pulled over in Muenster Texas to kill some time.

Van quenching his thirst, as we wait to move out the few remaining miles to Lindsay Texas

Bobby D on his Harley in Muenster Texas

Moe & Dennis in Muenster, as Moe checks in at home

Killing time in Muenster Texas

Russ & Ray check out Mike Y's Harley Ultra Classic

Mike Y, check the air pressure in Laura's front tire after Laura noticed it was low.

Laura looks on as Mike puts some air in the tire. Come to find out, she only had 18 psi and Mike filled it back up to 32 psi

Mike Y looks on.. I walked over to where he and some other riders were. they said for me to pull them up...I said "Say what". They said Pull them up. I said "pull what up"..

I had cinched my chaps belt tight before I left home. I did not know they had fallen down. Was I embarressed or what? They took advantage of this Kodak moment...Geez!!!

Mike Y: Bush Pilot extroidinaire!!

The line for liquid waste removal

The bikes & riders in the parking lot of the Motel where we were killing time before going onto Lidsay, which was 5 minutes down the road.

Danny has been a Blue Knight several years.

Jim & his Harley. He was having a good time. He is one of my good friends

Laura is feeling better now that the tire is back to where it was supposed to be. She was all smiles today and having a good time.

Ray & Laura in Muenster Texas

Mike checking things out as we get ready to head down to Lindsay Texas. Debi looks on.

We arrive in Lindsay Texas and at Dieter Brothers Restaurant. For more on Dieter's, see this link:

Two other Blue Knights were there to greet us. this is Charlie from TX I, Ernie from TX XXXIX, and Russ from TX XX.

The bikes of TX XX members & guests

The Blue Knights TX XX contingent: left to right: Kenny, Mike Y, Leslie, Mike B, Debi, Kyle, Amy, Linda, John S, Russ, me (kneeling), Bobby H, Van, Bobby D, Kandy, Jim, Johnny, Dennis, Moe

Danny, Mike Y, Leslie, Mike B, Debi, Kyle, Amy, Linda, John S, Russ, me (Kneeling), Bobby H, Van, Bobby D, Kandy, LeeAnn, Jim, Johnny, Dennis, Ray & Laura

This is Robin, Leslie & Jim. They stopped by and took some group photo's of us. Many thanks to them for their kindness

We go inside and fill up the restaurant. They had two sides and we filled the entire restaurant with bikers. Pretty kewl..

Laura was visiting while we were waiting for the food to be delivered

Kyle looks around as his table awaits their food order.

Russ making the rounds and stops by our table

Inside Dieter Brothers BBQ Restaurant

Six riders from Wichita Falls arrived shortly after we did & joined us. This is Janis & Robert.

This Steve. You regular viewers know him as part of our North Texas Bikers group.

Our side of the restaurant is pretty much filled up....

Moe & her new hat as LeeAnn looks on

Johnny & Dennis at our table or I was at their table, I should say.

A couple tables down were some of the Blue Knights Texas 27 Chapter

The food was served. This is a plate of two types German sausage, potatoes, saurkraut and Texas toast

Same plate with baked beans added

For my lunch I got unsweet tea and potato skins. Most places serve potato skins as wedges. Not at Dieter's. They gut out a potato and serve it in halfs with chives, onions & cheese. I could only eat 2 of the 4...

This is Valerie, one very hard working waitress. Thanks Valerie for the great service..

The back of Valerie's work shirt

Johnny, at Dieter's BBQ

Johnny, Russ & Dennis

Robert at our table at Dieter BBQ Restaurant in Lindsay Texas

Janis peruses the menu..

Sissy, Steve's wife, is all smiles. Sissy rides an 09 Harley Tri-Glide trike

Steve at Dieters BBQ in Lindsay Texas

One of the Texas XXVII tables

Sissy looks on as I adjust the settings on my other camera. If you are wondering about all the cameras & pic taking, my nickname is SNAPSHOT, because of it. I drive everybody nuts but as a result, I have gotten some outstanding photo's over the years

This is Charlie's bike (TX I). He had to pack Ernie (TX XXXIX) around do to Ernie's Bike getting a flat tire

Steve's yellow Screamin Eagle Harley Road Glide, Sissy's Red Harley Trike, Janis's teal Harley Heritage and Robert's Harley, Myra's Suzuki and Russell's Harley

Same bikes seen from US 82

All the bikes viewed from the East

As see from the North

Folks drift out to the bikes as lunch finishes up

Kandy, at the bikes, is in great spirits!

Danny & Dennis make it back out to the bikes

One of the Blue Knights Oklahoma VIII members

Russ & Van back at the bikes

I went to take a pic of LeeAnn and she spun around and bent over...So....

Not to be out done, Moe turns around & bends over....So....

Then, LeeAnn and Moe got together and both bent over.. Folks, my I introduce the Butt Sisters!!

Linda & Russ and Debi & Mike B, in the parking lot of Dieter Bros. BBQ Restaurant, Lindsay Texas

One of the Blue Knights Illinois I, had this badge on his vest. Turns out this badge had belonged to his father, who was responsible for getting him on the PD.

This is Linda and John. John is representing the Blue Knights Illinois I.

Dennis talks to Ray as Laura is all smiles (still). She never did quit smiling and was a positive force in todays ride. I really enjoyed meeting her & Ray and look forward to having them ride with us again.. They will ALWAYS be welcome

Amy is also all grins and having a good time. Kyle is next to her

Kyle & Amy at Dieter Bros. BBQ Restaurant in Lindsay Texas

Kyle in the parking lot of Dieter's

the members talk in the parking lot

the members talk in the parking lot

The bikes

Van & Kenny in the parking lot

Danny re-adjusts John S's back rest

Kenny scans the parking lot

Bobby D checks his Harley with Amy & Leslie in the background

Laura, Ray & Jim in amongst the motorcycles

After lunch, Mike B is in a good mood..

LeeAnn, Johnny & Dennis in the parking lot

Russ talks to other Chapter members

members talk in the parking lot of Dieter BBQ Restaurant

TX XXVII talk in the parking lot

Mike Y, Bobby H & Kenny talk in the parking lot

Blue Knights TX XVIII was in attendence today

The entire group photo. The Chapter colors from left to right are: TX 38 (Plano Texas), TX 39 (Mesquite Texas), TX 18 (Sherman Texas), OK 8 (Ardmore Oklahoma), TX 20 (Wichita Falls Texas), TX 27 (Denton Texas). In the photo but not kneeling is IL 1 (Greater Peoria Area Illinois), and TX I (Hurst Texas)

The Blue Knights TX XXVII contingent

Looking at the bikes still at the restaurant from the Shell Station next door

One of the TX XXXIX members gets ready to depart the Shell Station

Topping off the bikes. This Shell Station made a small fortune as all the bikes from all the Chapters gassed up there before heading in various directions to their hometowns

The riders of the TX XX contingent wait for the others to gas up

Russ gets everyone ready to go. John S sits on his Harley and waits patiently for all to get geared up

Jim takes a few last puffs off his signature cigar before mounting up for the ride to Saint Jo Texas

Laura & Ray are ready and waiting to head out

We head out East on US 82 with Russ & Linda leading the way.

We enter the Muenster Texas city limits

As we pull into Saint Jo, 5 of our group leave for Wichita Falls as tonight is the WFPOA Awards Dinner & Banquet

The Biker Roadhouse in Saint Jo Texas

This is Toxie, owner of the Biker Roadhouse in Saint Jo Texas. The Biker Roadhouse is biker owned & biker operated. All bikers in the area and passing thru, need to stop and check out the Roadhouse. It deserves our support!

This is Vanese, Toxies Wife and co-owner of the Biker Roadhouse. She also sews patches on your vest while you wait. For more info on the Biker Roadhouse, see this link:

The owner of the USAF tribute bike

The bikes out front of the Biker Roadhouse in Saint Jo Texas

Kyle, Leslie, Amy & Kenny sitting out front of the Biker Roadhouse in Saint Jo Texas

Me & Mike B at the Biker Roadhouse in Saint Jo Texas

This USAF tribute Harley was parked out front of the Biker Roadhouse

Our bikes in the Saint Jo town Square in front of the biker Roadhouse

Laura gets saddled up and ready to depart.........

Ray gets ready to left us & Saint Jo and head back to Bowie Texas with Laura

Laura is all smiles as she leaves with Ray and heads back to Bowie Texas. Ride Safe, Laura & Ray ands we'll catch you on the next ride!

Linda is all smiles in the parking lot of the Biker Roadhouse in Saint Jo, Texas

Kyle & Amy and the other riders behind me as we leave Saint Jo, east bound on US 82

Russ & Linda did a great job as Road Captain today. Here they are North bound on Us 287

Russ & Linda as we head North up US 287 towards Wichita Falls Texas and home

The final picture of the ride was ofthe riders behind me as we headed North up US 287. That is Amy on the outside and Kyle on nthe inside.
I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the company of good friends and meeting all the new folks that we did. I especially enjoyed meeting Laura & Ray and look forward to our next ride together.
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Until next post, keep the rubber on the road, be careful out there and Ride Safe. Pray for our troops and especially Pattie (In Korea) and Steffanie (in the Iraq Theater of Operations). Thanks....................JOHN