Monday, January 25, 2010

January Run to Medicine Park 1-24-10

Sunday, 1-24-10, was a little chilly and slightly overcast and a few of us got together for a run up to Medicine Park, Oklahoma to go to Lunch at The Old Plantation and then to Chaps My Ass, a Motorcycle Accessories/Apparel Shop. On today's run were: Russ & Linda (Road Captain), Dennis & Moe, Steve & Lacy, Ken & Lori (Tailgunner), Janis, Charlie, Sissy, Doug, Jim, Barry, Wayne and me. Scroll down & join us on this ride and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

We met at the Wal-Mart on Southwest Parkway & TX Hwy 79 here in Wichita Falls. This is Jim and this is the first time I met and rode with him.

We milled around until all had arrived

This is Dennis & Moe. Dennis runs C ME SHINE, a Motorcycle Accent Lighting Installation Service. He is a professional and he does high quality work.. If you would like your bike lit up with Accents, give Dennis a call at 940-782-6312 or email him at:

Everybody arrives and we head out. Today, we had 12 bikes & 16 riders. Here we start North on I-44..

The view behind me as we roll North on I-44.

The view behind me is: Charlie, Steve & Lacy and Ken & Lacy bringing up the rear.

This Russ & Linda, our leaders for today..

Russ & Linda on I-44. Due to chat & sand still being on the roadway from the last snow we had, Russ limited my picture taking (side by side) to 4 lanes only. For safety reasons due to possibility of us running into any of the chat & sand, he didn't want anyone going down. The reason I said Russ limited my picture taking is that the Road Captain/Ride Captain set the rules for whatever ride we are doing. I had no problem with it as I could still take the forward & behind shots..

This is Doug. He rode up from Archer City to ride with us today..

This is Jim on his Harley as we head North on I-44.

This is Sissy. She & Russ put together this ride

This is Janis as we roll North on I-44. Her husband Robert couldn't make it because he had to work today..

This is Barry. He rode up from Archer City to join us today

This is Dennis & Moe Northbound on I-44

This is Charlie heading North on I-44. Charlie is another of the Archer City riders.

That is Lacy & Steve in front of me. Lacy had on a light weight coat and was cold. We would stop in Chattanooga Oklahoma, where she would be given warmer gear to put on.

The obligatory mirror shot.

We get off of I-44 and onto Okla 36 N. We are approaching one of the Casino's up on our left

We are approaching Chattanooga now and are about 1-2 miles from the city limits.

We stop at a gas station and Steve, Ken & Lori fix Lacy up with some warmer gear. The weather was forecasted to be mostly sunny with a high of 59 degrees. We had the mostly sunny stuff but the temperature at this part was only 44 degrees.

Russ & Jim talk as we finish up the break..

Russ is all grins and is having a great time. It's really hard not to have a good time when you go on a run with your friends. Cold weather, hot weather, rain & wind sometimes make it a little difficult, but that's all part of it..

A view down the line of bikes and we can see they almost have Lacy fixed up...

Here is Dennis on our rest stop in Chattanooga Oklahoma

Jim, Janis & Sissy are gearing up to head out

Janis & Sissy in Chattanooga Oklahoma

Moe & Linda in Chattanooga Oklahoma

Linda & Sissy discover that Charlie has one of those heated vests on and attack him to warm their hands...

Sissy, Charlie & me in Chattanooga Oklahoma

Sissy, Charlie & me as we warm up our hands with Charlies vest..

We leave Chattanooga and head straight up to Medicine Park and The Old Plantation Restaurant. Here are the bikes in the parking lot. We had to be careful because that lot was all gravel..

We get off the bikes & head into the Plantation. For more info on this Historic restaurant. see this link:

A view of the bikes from near the Plantation

The bikes at The Old Plantation Restaurant, Medicine Park Oklahoma

Moe inside the Plantation, readjusting her chaps...

We wait to be seated. The Plantation have gifts & nic-knacks for sale also..

The also have a full sevice bar, for those that partake of the "evil spirits"...

me inside the Plantation.. Photo courtesy of Moe..

me & Charlie in the Plantation. Photo courtesy of Moe

Right side of the table: Jim, Steve & Lacy

The hot chocolate was served and Dennis & Moe are happy to get it. I opted for coffee.. Right side of table

Janis & Sissy finish out the right side of the table

Our table. Right side: Sissy, Janis,Moe, Dennis, Jim, Steve & Lacy Left side: Russ, Linda, Charlie, Doug, Barry, Ken & Lori

Dennis. Photo coutesy of Moe

Moe getting Sissy as Sissy takes a pic of Moe. Photo courtesy of Moe

me trying to figure out the settings on the new camera, Sissy taking pics and Charlie talking to courtesy of me

Doug, Barry, Ken & Lori

me at the courtesy of Moe

Doug signing the visitors log at The Old Plantation Restaurant

Charlie signs the visitor's log.

Our waitress taking orders. I did not get her name, but she did an excellent job. Did not mess up any of the orders and was quick on the refills..

Russ & Linda as Sissy gets ready to take a pic..

Our table as everyone checks out the menu..

Sissy & Jim talking as we wait on the drinks to arrive...

Wayne, (white cap), arrives and joins us. He is also from Archer City and was running a little late and said he would catch up with us..He did too. He was only,like,10 minutes behind us

Russ, relaxing prior to the food being served

Dennis, Wayne, Jim, Steve & Lacy at The Old Plantation Restaurant Medicine Park Oklahoma

The Group photo from left to right: Jim, Sissy, Russ, Linda, Janis, me, Ken, Lori, Berry, Doug, Steve, Charlie,Moe, Wayne & Dennis

Group Photo II from left to right: Jim, Janis, Russ, Linda, Sissy, Barry, Ken, Lori, Lacy, Doug, Steve, Charlie, Wayne, Moe & Dennis

Getting ready to head to Chaps My Ass. Here is Moe bending over...It's a long story.... lol

Left to Right: Charlie, Lacy & Steve, Ken and Wayne on the end, ready to go..

Charlie ready to go. Charlie is also a fellow PGR member

Looking down the line of our bikes

The line of bikes as we get ready to head up to Chaps My Ass

Here is Linda. She loves riding with Russ and they go everywhere. Russ & Linda are like most of us. They ride all the time and are not what is considered fair weather riders. I can't think of any of the folks that we ride with, that are..

Dennis & Moe pull out to get into position..

We depart the Plantation and arrive at Chaps My Ass a short time later. Here are Charlie & Barry out front of the Chaps My Ass shop. For more info on Chaps My Ass, see this link:

Charlie going inside Chaps My Ass.. I like going here because they have a large variety of biker apparel and an assortment of accessories for the bikes.

Dennis waits in the parking lot while Moe takes a call from one of the kiddo's...

Wayne's bike (white walls) and my bike in the parking lot of Chaps My Ass, Medicine Park Oklahoma

The other bikes in the parking lot of Chaps My Ass

Sissy in Chaps My Ass

Sissy takes this pic of me in Chaps My Ass. Surprisingly the camera didn't break! LOL

Steve & Lacy at Chaps My Ass. I did not get any rolling pics of Steve & Lacy , Ken & Lori or Wayne due to the batteries in the camera being bad. When I stopped to change batteries, we were on 2 lane roads & normally I would've taken the pics there so I would have rolling pics of everyone. But Ken & Lori, Steve & Lacy & Wayne did not go back with us and I didn't have another opportunity to get rolling pics of them. However, there is always the next ride.. I get everyone I miss eventually. Here is Steve & Lacy at Chaps My Ass

Here is Lori getting ready to head back to Texas. Lori and my wife, Janice, are sister-in-laws and that makes Steve, my nephew & Lacy my niece by marriage...

Steve & Lacy & Lori & Ken at Chaps My Ass in Medicine Park Oklahoma

Lacy & Lori wait for Ken & Steve to come unlock the bikes so they can get their gear...

Ken & Lori and Steve & Lacy head back to Wichita Falls. Enjoyed the ride with ya'll. Ride Safe and we'll catch at the next run..

We leave Medicine Park and head down Okla Hwy 49 to get gas prior to getting back on I-44. For more information on Medicine Park Oklahome, see this link:

Barry on the trike behind me as we head to gas up..

As we head South on I-44, after gassing up, behind me are: Wayne, Doug and Jim...

We get on Bus 281/277 to bypass the toll gate. In front of me now are: Dennis & Moe, Sissy on her trike, Charlie and Russ & Linda up front...

Off to our left are the dome roof tops of the new Geronimo High School, Geronimo Oklahoma

We get on US 70 and head West. Just prior to getting back on I-44, (the overpass in the backgroud), we stop for waste water removal at the grocery store. This is Russ talking to Linda before we start the final leg of today's ride

This is Janis, Charlie (back to camera) and Barry as we prepare to leave....

Jim, Dennis & Moe and Barry listen up as we figure out who is leaving the ride and which point on I-44. Some were getting off in Burkburnett Texas, some at US287, some on US82 and the rest of us were going in on Southwest Parkway

Behind me now on I-44 were Charlie & Barry

Charlie & Barry are still behind me as we continue South on I-44. Several people ask me how I get the pics of the riders behind me when I am riding solo. The shadow tells it all. I turn the camera around, get a firm grip on the camera, raise the camera up and shoot. It took awhile, but I finally have it down to where I can get those shots on one take.

Last pic from the ride are as we go under an overpass.This was as you start down the hill with the Texas state line 1 mile in front of us. Where the road straightens out in front of us, is where we cross over the Red River and Texas is on the other side of the river.

Today, Monday 1-25-10, I took the Harley out for my last ride until June. I then took the Vulcan out for it's last ride and then parked them in the garage.

The Harley, SO, and the Vulcan (Ms Clone) sit in the garage for a 3-4 month rest. SO is my nickname for the Harley which is for "Significant Other" and the Vulcan is "Ms Clone" for obvious reasons
I enjoyed yesterday's ride immensely and enjoyed riding with my friends and I look forward until the next ride, whenever it occurs and wherever it takes us.
I will be out of commission from tomorrow, when they cast my right leg & foot, until they remove the cast and do the major surgery on my foot. The Doc says it will be 3-4 months before I will be able to walk & ride the bike again. Surgery is set for March 8, 2010. Dustin, my son-in-law, will be riding the bikes every week for me to keep the batteries up & the juices flowing...
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