Friday, September 25, 2009

Bud's New Bike & Around Town 9-25-09

Yesterday, Thursday 9-24-09, I got a call from Bud saying that they had totalled his motorcycle and that he was picking up his new bike on Friday 9-25-09. As most of you know, Bud went down at about 70 mph on our way back from a PGR Mission in Purcell Oklahoma on 8-30-09 and it was from that wreck that they totalled his bike. To see pics from his accident, see the last five pics on the following post: Today, Friday 9-25-09, I got a call from Bud and I went & picked him up & took him to get his new bike.. Scroll on down to check his new bike out, see some new friends and some ya know and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE..

I took Bud down to Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles to pick up his new bike. Here is Bud & Cindy going over his paperwork. For more on Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles, see this link:

While we wait for addition paperwork to be filled out, Bud goes back to the showroom and talks to Mark, one of the hard working salesmen at Eddie Hill's

While Bud was doing the paperwork thing, I walked around Eddie Hill's. Here is Eddie's dragster in the upper showroom

Here is Eddie's Dragboat, also in the upper showroom. It is hanging right behind the dragster

Here is Eddie's personal bike that he keeps in his office

The graphics on the rear fender of Eddie's bike

Janice wants me to buy her a trike. I can't afford a trike for her, so I took this picture of something I would get her. She was not amused..

One of the things I have to get here in the near future, as I lose weight, is a new leather jacket. Janice said she is going to get me this one. Let me say this about this leather: it has a price tag of $299.99 on it and it is on sale at Eddie Hills Fun Cycles for $99.99.

The back of the leather

This is the 1700 cc Vulcan Classic for a little over 14 grand

This 08 Vulcan 2000 has 150 miles and tons of extras & is being sold for 11 grand and some change

Check out that air intake...Too kewl.. Trey, the GM of Eddie Hills, told me that at 80 mph, if you crack that throttle open, you better be hanging on, because the bike will try to unass you from the seat..

This is an 09 Yamaha Venture that is on sale for around 17 grand

And here is Bud's new bike, an 09 Yamaha Venture. That is Bud, Richard (installing the 6 cd changer/player in the left saddlebag), and Mark going over some things with Bud

Bud listens as Mark goes over some items on the Venture

Richard finishes up on the CD player installation

Bud & his new ride...That old helmet of Bud's matched the paint on the Venture perfectly..He will get the headset for the radio, CB, CD & intercom installed in that helmet here in the next day or two..

While they were finishing up Bud's bike, I got to talking to Kevin. Kevin is TDY here to Sheppard AFB and is from Reno Nevada. This is Kevin & his motorcycle, a Victory.

Kevin & his Victory

Kevin's Victory. This was one sharp looking motorcycle

Kevin's Victory

They finish Bud's bike and here is Bud, saddled up and fixin' to head out. Good looking bike Bud..Ya done good Bro...

Bud leaves and I get a pic of Kevin's helmet with his nick on it "Capt. Crash". It was great meeting you today Kevin and thank you for serving the greatest country in the world and keeping us free & safe. Ride safe...

Now, Texas has the lotto. Texas has a $5 scratch off ticket that you can win a motorcycle with. This is Mike and he had to borrow a trailer to go pick up a bike that his son won. That's how I found out about the lotto ticket. Mike's son got one of those $5 scratch off tickets, scratched off the stuff and look what he won!!! This bike is called a Grandeur bike. See this link for more on the Grandeur Cycles:

This was done as a Texas Ranger theme bike

The graphics on the rear fender..

Left side of the bike.. Anyone loan me $5 so I can go get me one of those scratch offs?

One great looking & ballsy motorcycle..

After saying goodbye to Mike & Kevin, I went down to city hall to pick up Janice for lunch. Here is Janice in here office

This is Peggy, Janice's boss. They have worked together on & off since the late 70's...

Janice as we get ready to head to lunch. This will conclude this post.. Congrats to Bud on getting his new bike today... It was great meeting Kevin and seeing is bike. Kevin & Bud are alike, militarily. Both were in the Marine Corps and then went into the USAF after the tour in the USMC..I really like that bike that Mike's son won. I'm gonna have to start getting a ticket or two and try my luck...
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Saturday, September 19, 2009

1st Annual Miracle League Fun Run Wichita Falls Texas 9-19-09

Today, Saturday, 9-19-09, the Blue Knights TX XX hosted the 1st Annual Miracle League Fun Run, here in Wichita Falls Texas. See this post for more about the Fun Run: . On most posts, I take pictures from start to finish and on the rides. However, due to a recent surgery, I am off the bike for another 5-6 weeks and as a result, I only took pictures at the registration point and final stop. However, here in the next couple days, Larry, who took pictures of the entire event, will get me a disk of his pictures and I will post them. Also, here is a link to the KAUZ News 6 interview: I got nominated to do. So join us for the 1st Miracle League Fun Run and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURES.

Some of the guys wanted to eat breakfast prior to going out to the Miracle League Field of Dreams, so for those of us that went to breakfast, our day started at 6:30 a.m. Here is Adam inside the Pioneer of Texas Diner. For info/directions to the Pioneer of Texas Diner, see this link:

This is Steve as daylight peeks at us in the East

This is Mark. He would lead out the second group of riders on today's ride..

This is Larry a.k.a. Scooter Boy. He took photo's of the entire event and his photo's will be featured on a post here in the next day or two.. I call him Scooter Boy because he told me he wanted to ride but he had a scooter.. I was thinking Vespa.. He shows up on a Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle Road Glide that he calls Scooter. Hence my nick for him: Scooter Boy

This is Bud. He is in his truck due to he is still recovering from his motorcycle accident on 8-31-09 at I-35 & US 82 in Gainesville Texas on our way back from a PGR mission in Purcell Oklahoma. See this post:

Steve took this pic of the group at the Diner: Mark, Bud, Adam, me & Larry

The bikes in the parking lot of the Pioneer of Texas Diner

Steve on his Venture (big bike) and Adam on the Yamaha (small bike) as we get ready to head out to registration

Larry on his Harley and Mark on his Harley

Mark on his Harley and Bud in his truck

We left the Diner and drove out to the Miracle League's Field of Dreams. Here are left to right: me, Larry, Bud & Dennis

The Miracle League volunteers arrive. here are: me, Lisa, Larry & Bud. Lisa was also looking forward to a ride that Doug was going to give her on his Harley when the Fun Run concluded.

Here are: me, Emma (Lisa's daughter) Lisa & Bud. Emma was also volunteering and was kept busy unloading items for the registration point.

Larry under the Miracle League Field of Dreams sign that is at the entrance to the ball field

The registration table. The folks from the Miracle League were working the registration point and all the stops. I heard that they did an outstanding job. I know they did here at registration and at the final stop, Texas Roadhouse.

The ride t-shirt table as the t-shirt's are set out according to size

The registration snack table with chips, hot sauce & breakfast burritos courtesy of the Jalapeno Tree Restaurant.

The drink table. The guys are looking at a helicopter that was flying by

The t-shirts, sorted out and stacked on the table, are left in the capable hands of these two young volunteers

Some more of the riders arrive

The bike Adam was riding today, actually belongs to his Dad, Kelly, who we have been after for months to come ride with us.

Left to right: Kyle, Amy, Linda & Russ. Kyle is the Vice President of the Blue Knights TX XX and one of the major planners of today's ride. Russ is one of the Road Captains/Director of the Blue Knights TX XX. Russ was leading the first group today and would give the ride safety briefing and info.

Russ's new 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Limited Edition. When the ride started, the other bikes would line up behind Russ and then head out from underneath the canopies.

Some of the riders waiting for registration to begin at 8:45 a.m.

The registration point at the Miracle League Field of Dreams..

Larry taking a picture of Lee (with flag) and Daniel. Daniel is one of the kiddo's that plays at the Field of Dreams and he was going to raise Old Glory this morning.

Daniel did a great job and he proudly raised the flag..

Lisa, way over in left field, hangs banners while practice is going on at the ball field.

The Miracle League volunteers at the registration table: Left to right: Amy, Tanya, Jenny & Lauren. Thank you ladies, you did a great job today...

This is Daniel & his parents; Mike, Daniel & Laurey. Daniel was also at the final stops and drew the tickets for the door prizes & 50/50. Thank you Daniel for helping us out today. You really came through for us...

Daniel & the Blue Knights TX XX. Left to right: me, Kyle, Steve, Dennis, Van, Russ, Daniel, Bobby, Mike, Bill, Larry & Mark

Miracle League volunteers at the T-shirt table: Left to right: Tanya, Lee (co-Chair Miracle League), Laura & Keri

Paula (President of the Wichita Falls Junior League) and Keri

Dennis & Bobby at the Field of Dreams ball field

Riders visit as registration continues. First bike out would be at 9:30 a.m.

Linda (Russ's wife) & Amy (Kyle's wife) waiting for the ride to start

This is Vernon. He was heading back to his Harley when I stopped him for this picture. He is a great guy and I look forward to riding with him on some future rides.

Richard & Valerie, Linda & Deborah. I didn't see Richard & Valerie at the final stop and Deborah said that Valerie got sick during ride and had to go home. Hope ya get to feeling better Valerie and thanks to both of you for coming out today and supporting the Miracle League.

Bud, Bill & Leland at the Field of Dreams

This is Charles, Deserae & Ricky. Charles is the President of the local C.M.A. Chapter 454, "Glory Bound" here in the Wichita Falls area. For more on this great Association, see the following link:

Mark, Deborah, Richard, Valerie & Kevin at the Miracle League Field of Dreams.

Left to right: Dennis, me, Mike, Lee, Van, Allison (Co-Chair Miracle League), Doug, Bill, Bud & Adam. Miracle League Field of Dreams, Wichita Falls Texas

The first group of riders line up behind Russ & Linda and prepare to head out. The ride was 93.6 miles

As the group departs, this is Steve making his turn out of the parking lot.

Another group starts out from the parking lot

me & Larry at the Miracle League Wall of fame

Lisa & Larry at the Miracle League Wall of fame as Bud looks on

KAUZ NEWS Channel 6 arrived and I took a picture of them filming us..

me & Wesley. Wesley is the cameraman-photo-journalist from KAUZ NEWS. I was also interviewed by him for the 6 & 10 p.m. news.....

The KAUZ Channel 6 News Van

This is Kathy & her husband, Jack. Kathy is the secretary for the C.M.A. "Glory Bound' Chapter, and Jack is the Chapter's Road Captain.

Christina, a Blue Knights TX XX member, arrives & registers...

The last group of riders departed the Field of Dreams at 10:35 a.m. and the registration point was shut down. We then moved to the final stop, the Texas Roadhouse. See this link for more on the Texas Roadhouse here in Wichita Falls:

The Texas Roadhouse sign

Rosie & Bud in the parking lot of the Texas Roadhouse

Keith, who was going to ride in the Fun Run, drove down from Tulsa Oklahoma. Due to heavy rains between Oklahoma City & Lawton Oklahoma, he did not get to Wichita Falls until about 11:30 a.m. He was soggy but in good spirits..

These folks are members of the Eagle Riders (Texoma Chapter 4128). They are, left to right: Monica (Chapter Secretary), James (President), Nancy & Joe. For more on the Eagle Riders, see this link:

Allison, Co-Chair for the Miracle League, arrives and takes a well deserved break while waiting for the riders to arrive.

The door prizes on the tables as we wait for the riders to arrive at Texas Roadhouse, the final stop on today's Miracle League Fun Run. Rosie and her grandchild & Bud by the car and Allison at the other end of the tables.

This is Allison & her husband, Casey and their two kiddo's, Faith & Luke

Some of the riders start returning. This is Jack & his bike

This is James & his bike

The bikes as more riders pull in the parking lot

This is Charles and his new bike

This is Kevin, Deborah & Charles at the Texas Roadhouse..

This is Tracy (gray shirt) & Chastity (pink shirt) and their Harley's. I got to talking to Tracy and she was in the O.R. during my operation. She works for Dr. May and is an O.R. Nurse.

The riders gather as the time nears for the door prizes and 50/50 drawings.

Some of the rider's bikes

More of the rider's bikes at the Texas Roadhouse..

Following the drawings, Lisa gets on Doug's Harley for her ride. You can tell she is ready for this by the big smile on her face. Last time I saw Doug & Lisa, they were East bound on US 82 and you could almost hear her "WOOHOOO" above the sound of Doug's pipes...

Keith & Russ at Russ's house. Russ had pulled the '"big flag" setup off his other Harley when he traded it in on his new bike and Keith was interested in seeing the flags & mounting hardware

We left Russ's house and Keith & I went to the Pioneer Restaurant on Maplewood for a bite to eat. The final picture from today's ride is of Keith fixin' to leave the restaurant and begin his 4 hour ride back up to Tulsa Oklahoma. This was at about 4:30 p.m. I talked to Keith at about 9:45 p.m. and he arrved safely. He was delayed getting home by all the traffic in Oklahoma City when the two College football games let out.
I want to thank all the riders that came out for this ride and gave their support. Without you, this would not have been the success that it was. I want to thank the volunteers from the Miracle League for helping out today because without you, the ride would not have gone as smooth as it did. I want to thank Miracle League Co-chairs Allison & Lee and Jenny for the outstanding help given to us when putting this event together. Thanks also to the Blue Knights TX XX members who came out today and supported this ride and especially to the members who helped plan this event: Kyle, Doug, Bud, Mike & Jim. Also, a BIG thank you to Mike and Laurey for letting us meet their son, Daniel, and for letting him assist Lee with the flag raising and helping us with the drawings.. I look forward to next year when we have the 2nd Annual Miracle League Fun Run.
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