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Saturday, 7-25-09, the PGR had a mission to Jacksboro Texas with burial in Post Oak Texas. Teresa Galloway, the Assistant State Captain, West Texas Area, advised that they do flag lines for the immediate family of PGR members that have passed on and one of their members, Garland Hadley, whose mother, Laura L. Hadley, had passed on, requested the North Texas area PGR have a flag line for his mom. This is the right thing to do because the family of a Vet or active duty military member, make a lot of sacrifices also, and have to deal with the stress of not knowing.. Our PGR Ride Captains sent out notifications and the Mission was set. Come with us on this PGR Mission and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

We met at the Wal-Mart on Southwest Parkway in Wichita Falls Texas and went KSU (Kick Stands Up)at 0800 hrs. We would meet other members from our area as well as from West Texas & Ft. Worth in Jacksboro. Before we left I had to get a pic of these gloves being worn by Tex and his wife, Laura.

We had others folks arrive, but I got those that were there when I got there. From left to right: Barbara (Ride Captain), Mike (Ride Captain & Barbara's husband), Bud, Matt, Katie, Tex (Assistant Ride Captain) and Laura (Tex's wife)

Mike let it slip that today was Barbara's birthday. So we all sang Happy Birthday to Barbara. Discretion being the better part of valor, nobody asked her age..Although, I think it's somewhere close to 29...

Mike showing his bride, the love....She had no idea....

This is Ray & Cindy. You regular viewers will recognize them from the Iwo Jima Reunion PGR mission

Check out Ray's passenger pegs: .45's Too cool!!

The PGR Support Vehicle. If you are curious about the PGR and what we do click the following link. You do not have to be a VET, you do NOT have to have a motorcycle to join. You can be an active member and use your car or truck for a support vehicle. You can be a member just like the rest of us. To join is free and the PGR, in my opinion, is one of the finest organization you could possibly belong to. Check out the site & the PGR Mission statement and if we are for you, come join us.

Mike giving us our ride briefing

Mike is wearing the Texas PGR cap. The Ride Captains have the maroon caps. Members have blue..Sorry to make you squint into the sun Mike.

And we are off, heading South on US281 to Jacksboro Texas. At 8 a.m. is was in the low 80's with the high forecasted to be 103.

The tail-gunners

This is Matt off to my right

We make it to the church in Jacksboro Texas. These are the PGR Ride Captains from North Texas & West Texas on today's mission. Left to right: NTX- Mike, Barbara, Tex; WTX- Floyd & Ted

Again, the PGR Ride Captains for today's mission: Mike, Barbara, Tex, Floyd & Ted. A great bunch of folks.

PGR members waiting for others to arrive.

Funeral services were at the Bethel Assembly Of God in Jacksboro Texas

This is Floyd & his wife Nancy

This is Don & his bike

We head over to the support vehicle and get the flags. The support vehicle also carries water & Gatorade on these hot days. Sometimes, they even carry snacks.. The Ride Captains make sure we are well taken care of on hot Texas days..

The flag line starts to form out front of the church

Barbara and her flag

The flag line

Other PGR members arrive including these folks in this Stallion. This trike has a steering wheel, roll bar, air conditioning and an automatic transmission

Told ya it had a steering wheel

And when they opened the truck, it was huge!!

Cindy watching & waiting

There was a good breeze that kept the colors fluttering

Ted Jr. & Ted arrive & get their flags

The flag line starts to grow. That's Nubbin on the end. His wife, Angela couldn't make it today because she had to watch the grand kids.

The flag line from the front of the church.

Shade was at a premium today and some got it and some of us didn't and it was starting to heat up.

More PGR members arrive

This is John from Ft. Worth as he arrives. He has flag holders on each side of his bike between the driver & passenger and more holders on the back of his bike. He had Old Glory standing straight out as he made his turn into the parking area

This is Gary, another one of our North Texas PGR Ride Captains. He went to get on his Harley this morning and it had a flat rear tire. So he had to come in his truck. I didn't even know he had a four wheeler. I have never seen him on anything other than his Harley. Ya learn something new every day.

The flag line still growing. The gentleman on the end in the chair, was in the Stallion and they had that chair in the trunk...His wife is holding the flag next to him

Ted in line on my right

Ted Jr in line to my left

This is Leanne. She is with the West Texas PGR and rode up from the Midland-Odessa area.

The flag Line. Mike said there were a little over thirty PGR members attending.

Gary had gone to the VA Hospital in Oklahoma with some folks to support "Project Jody A Cadence For Life" and he bought this earring from a VET there who made them. For those of you who don't have a clue what it is, it is done in the colors of the Vietnam Service Medal (ribbon) that you see a LOT of Vietnam Vets wearing. For more on Project Jody, see the following link:

Gary, North Texas PGR Ride Captain

Ted Jr. in amongst the flags

Katie is also a nurse. She kept us well watered during our time at the church and at the cemetary. He she comes with some of that good, cold water...Thanks Katie..We apprecite you!!

The funeral services started a 10 a.m. and we furled the flags & put them back in their cases in the support vehicle. As we walked to the bikes, Ted checks in with Inez, his wife..

Herb & Dawn were there. I get to ride with them two or three times a year. Good people..

As we walked to the bikes, Ted told me Nubbin got a new trike. That's it with the two USMC flags and Texas Flag. It's even O.D. in color. Sharp looking bike

Nubbin's new trike. Nubbin's son was a Marine and was killed in the Middle East a couple of years ago. I did not have a bike then and didn't know Nubbin or about the PGR but I understand it was one of the largest turnouts by the PGR in the North Texas area. And because of the outpouring of support, Nubbin and Angela are members of the PGR today. Very active members. I am proud to know them

Ted & I have known each other now for a couple of years. I take a lot of pics of Ted & Ted Jr. at PGR Missions and other events and send them to his daughter Vickie, in Ft. Collins Colorado. Vickie & Tim, her husband, have a Harley and ride everywhere and have an excellent blog. Ted is pictured here with his NEW Harley Road King. Most of you regular viewers are use to seeing him on his red Dyna-glide. He traded that in on this. For more on Vickies blog, check out the following link:

Ted Jr on his Sportster, as Bud & Ted look on. That is a beautiful blue color on his bike..Then again, I am patial to blue..

One thing about the PGR is that there are ALL makes & models that members have & ride. Today, I saw Harleys, Honda's, Yamaha's, Kawasaki's and that Stallion. You flat couldn't miss this yellow Harley. I think it's an Ultra

Nubbin's trike with the flags flying

This is Herb & Dawn's Venture. I know some folks that have these and won't ride anything else. I have never ridden one, but I have sat on one and that seat is worth it's weight in gold. It's like sitting in a recliner..

This is Ray & Cindy's Harley, the one with the .45's for the passenger foot rests..

The lead bikes that will lead the procession to the cemetary in Post Oak Texas

This is Teresa & Dick, her husband. Teresa is the PGR Assistant State Captain, West Texas Area

This is Katie & Bud in some shade. They made a comment & I said I was gonna use it as the caption for this picture but lucky for them two things happened. 1. I didn't write it down 2. My CRS is running a full throttle lately and I can't remember what they said.

Ted scoping things out. That is a copy of the Bronze Star (over the flag) that he won in Vietnam

Tex, our PGR Assistant Ride Captain

Laura (Tex's wife) and Ted

Ted & Matt discussing one of the many bikes

Matt. Matt's wife Jennie couldn't make it either due to some work she had to get done. I am good friends with Matt & Jennie and really enjoy their company

As we get ready to leave the Church, Nubbin mounts up... Nubbin, ya done good!!! great looking trike!

Herb & Dawn are ready to go...

Ted Jr mounted and waiting..

I get in line with the North Texas contingent. The red four wheeler is the hearse

Nubbin gives me a thumbs up as he waits patiently with the others for the signal to head out

Others await the head out signal

Mike coming by and making sure everyone is ok

We leave the Church in Jacksboro Texas and head for the cemetary in Post Oak Texas

The riders behind my position

The rear view mirror shot

The lead bikes as we continue to the cemetary

A little further and we will turn right, onto a dirt/gravel road that will take us to the Post Oak Cemetary

The riders coming thru a sweeping right hand curve

And we make our turn onto the dirt/gravel road..

The road wasn't that bad but you still had to be very careful...

Thy had this covered area where we could park the bikes. As we parked, I got this pic of the other riders still coming down the road..Nubbin's bike was very distinctive with those USMC flags flying like they were

The first few riders to make it to the covered area..Felt great to get out of the sun

We got the flags and went to the line area. Ted Jr. & Ted were in front of me to the left.

Matt was to my immediate right and others, getting their flags were making their way to the flag line

The flag line at the cemetary, Post Oak Texas

PGR Flag line

The flag line to my right with Nubbin at the end

After the service, we went back to get our bikes. You can see the covered area was full

Most of the overflow bikes found shade under the tree

This is John, from Ft. Worth as he secures his furled flag prior to leaving te cemetary

Several of us opted to go to the DQ in Henrietta Texas after we left the cemetary. That is Tex in front of me as we head North on TX148

We get to Henrietta Texas and the DQ and Bud takes this pic of me & Ted

We went inside, watered up and then came back out and got ready to go to Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch down on TX148 & US287 in Henrietta. In addition to the water that the Ride Captains had, I had that blue cooler on Ms. Clone filled with water & Gatorade. When I got home, all but two bottles of water had been used. (For those of you new to the North Texas Bikers blogs, I currently ride a Vulcan, hence the name for my bike, Ms.Clone). I will be getting my Harley just as soon as Janice, my wife, tells me to go get it, hopefully in the very near future..

Tex & Laura had things to do at home so they went with us to TX148 where we turned South. They continued West on US 82 and the North on US 287 and home. Enjoyed riding with you two. See ya next time and ride safe..

Just to prove that we had indeed been at the DQ

Ted Jr as we head South on TX148. Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch is just on the other side of the overpass up ahead.

Ted is a proud member of the PGR and he shows it..

This is Sissy & Ted. Sissy is a salesperson at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch. Four Stars sells used bikes of just about any make or model that you could be looking for. BUT, they have beau coup Harley Davidsons there from 883's to Ultra Classics.. Go see Sissy today and see what kind of deal she can give you. Did I mention that Sissy just bought a NEW red Harley Trike? For more on Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch, go to this link and click on motorcycles..

Bud dismounts and heads for the door and the airconditioning inside. It was 105 degrees at this point. Sissy talks to Barbara in the background..

Ted relaxes with an ice cold Coke in the shade. Ted Jr. had to leave to get ready for work

Mike, Barbara & Sissy talk out in the parking lot. That is Four Stars Auto Ranch across the street. For more on the Auto Ranch, see:

Ted REALLY relaxing ith that ice cold Coke now.. That is Sissy's trike next to him..

Ted as we get ready to roll North on US287 to Wichita Falls and home..

Ted as we roll North toward home..

Ted took an exit to his house off of US287 and Bud & I continued North and then got onto US82, where we went down the road and gassed up at Market Street at Fairway & Kell. We then parted ways.. Here is Bud gassin' up.

As I got to US82 & Barnett, I saw this rider, off the road, standing by his bike. He had been out on a three hour ride and was almost home and his bike overheated. I stopped and talked to him and gave him a bottle of ice water. His name is Shane and came to find out that he is the nephew of a good friend and former coworker of mine and I had met him about 20 years ago when he was a kid. Small world isn't it.. Anyway, he was doing okay and didn't need any assistance and was about 1/4 mile from home so I departed and rode to the house.
This will conclude this LONG post. I enjoyed being with my PGR brothers & sisters today and was proud to be part of this PGR mission. Our condolences to the Hadley family and may God comfort you as you mourn your loss.
Scroll down for more rides, events & posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page for more rides and posts. Check out North Texas Bikers (1) at for rides, events & posts from January 08-November 08. and North Texas Bikers II at: for rides, events & posts from Nov. 08-July 09. Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe, keep the rubber on the road & pray for our Troops & Pattie & Manuel................JOHN


  1. fantastic post and pics, as usual john. thanks for letting us be there with you... and that trike is really interesting, ive never seen anything like it. fun!!! great turnout. ive been invited to do pgr events. they are such a great org. i may try to get involved with them soon.

  2. MQ,

    Thanks for the good comments and I do hope you join us in the PGR. It's a great organization and like family. I've met some really great guys & gals in the PGR and they are some of my greatest friends. I think you'd enjoy it. And it's not all funerals. There are lots of other missions that are fun and just as soul fulfilling.. Ride Safe out there on the West coast, my friend......John

  3. great job and so rewarding wish i could be there with u keep up the great work
    floyd and nancy you might remember me ed and wydell's friend Tom Stephens
    good luck all of you Patriots
    Leyte Riders Post63 American Legion Riders