Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Dallas Ride 8-22-09

Saturday, 8-22-09, was our Blue Knights TX XX weekend ride and, due to an upcoming surgery, my last major ride for about 8 weeks. This was a ride to McKinney Texas, where we would join up with some friends from the Dallas area. At McKinney, it would cease to be a Blue Knights ride and we would intermingle with the Dallas group and we would ride around the area with them. When the ride ended with the Dallas group, at Stroker's in Dallas, it would again turn into a Blue Knights ride back home to Wichita Falls. Join us on this ride and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE!!

The day started , for some of us, at 0630 hrs, as we met at the Pioneer of Texas in Wichita Falls, Texas for breakfast. Here is the diner at 0630 hrs.

Here are David and Bud. As no Road Captains rode with us today, David was appointed Road Captain for the ride to & from Dallas.

Billy & David in the Pioneer of Texas Diner

Walter came & joined us for breakfast but did not go to Dallas with us. Wichita Falls is host to the largest sanctioned bicycle race in the country, the Hotter-N-Hell Hundred, and Walter is leading it this year on his motorcycle and he had to do a test run of the hundred mile course today..

Our bikes as we leave the Diner to go to the staging area at US-287 & Windthorst.

Walter on his bike as he heads out to do the test ride..

We head out and proceed South on US 287

Billy at the staging area.

David backing into his parking slot at the staging area. We would stage from 0800-0830 hrs and go KSU at 0830 hrs.

Me & David doing the Captain Morgan thing...

Bud at the staging area

Bobby arrives and this is his first ride with us since he got his new Harley.

Mark arrives at the staging area.

Bud goes and talks to Steve as Steve gasses up. They are both former Marines.

Larry arrives on his "Scooter". He had told me he had a scooter and had me believing it was one of those Vespa looking scoots.. Real funny Larry... (grin)

This is Amy's new Harley Street Bob

The bikes & folks as we get ready to head South

The mirror shot as we head out

The view forward as we head South on US-287

The view behind as we continue South on US-287

A low shot, forward of my bike, as we proceed down US-287

The following pictures are of the riders who came with us from the Wichita Falls Texas area. This is Tammy.

This is Jim. Jim is the owner of Jim's Bike Detail Shop, here in Wichita Falls, Texas. For more on Jim's Bike Detail Shop, see this link:

This is Bobby

This is Mark. He was our tail gunner on today's ride.

This is Lamont. He is a member of the Buffalo Soldiers M/C out of Florida and a fellow PGR member. He is retired Army and he & his family have just relocated to Wichita Falls.

This is Steve. He worked all nite and still came with us. That is the type of dedication that keeps a Chapter running...

This is Steve

This is Amy

This is Kyle, Amy's husband and our Vice President

This is Billy

This is Larry on his Screamin' Eagle "scooter"

This is Bud

This is David

We continue South on US-287 as we head to Decatur Texas where we will turn East on US 380 and head to McKinney Texas

Tammy as she pulls up along side me. She has no problem what so ever riding or handling her bike. I enjoy riding with her & Jim

As we head South we get close to Alvord Texas and a gas stop

The view of the riders behind me

The bikes at the rest stop in Alvord Texas. We would gas up later after we got established on US-380 at a gas station between Decatur Texas & Denton Texas

The bikes & riders take a short break

Mark at the break

Bobby rests on his bike while Jim & Tammy work on a burrito

Jim takes advantage of the stop

We get saddled up and get ready to pull out.

We get established East bound on US-380 and head for the gas stop

The mirror shot as we head East

After gassing up, we get to Denton Texas and get caught at the light at US-380/I-35E

Billy puckers up as we sit out the light

Mark & Bobby sit behind us at the traffic signal, US-380/I-35

We proceed East thru Denton Texas on our way to McKinney Texas.

And we get caught at another light

Mark & Bobby wait out this light with us

The bikes behind me as we continue East

East on US-380

Tammy East bound on US-380

Another traffic light...

We get to McKinney and these are Lamonts colors

Angelo, Billy & Larry inside the Braums in McKinney Texas

Billy, Angelo & me in McKinney Texas inside the Braums

Lonnie, Nico & Jim in McKinney Texas

Rodney & Vicki were in Dallas visiting Vicki's daughter and they were in their car. Their Harley's were back home in Wichita Falls. So, they followed us on the ride in their car..

We get ready to head out. Here is Jim on his bike

Jim pulls out & heads to the corner for gas

We wait in the shade as those that need gas, top off their tanks

Tammy heads to the formation after gassing up

Jim at the pumps

Angelo checks his directions as Billy waits

Lonnie & Jim wait in the shade

Russ, Bud & Tammy await patiently in the shade. I just now noticed that Tammy's tennis shoes have the same design as her Harley paint scheme

We get ready to head out to Westminster Texas and Big Slicks.

We head out of McKinney Texas. The riders behind me

The riders in front of me as we leave McKinney Texas

We arrive at Westminster Texas and Big Slick's. Big Slick's is a biker apparel/accessory store (far left), biker bar & grill (center) and biker church (far right). For more on Big Slick's, see this link:

Here is Bud as we park the bikes and prepare to head into Big Slick's

Bud climbs the stairs to the apparel shop and Bobby is in good spirits behind him.

A view of our bikes in the parking lot of Big Slick's

The Big Slick's sign

The bar & grill area

The biker church is on the end.

The bikes in the parking lot

Amy & Kyle at Big Slick's

Larry at Big Slick's. See that little plaque on the floor next to him?

Bud & Steve at Big Slick's

This is what that little plaque in the floor by Larry says...

Angelo, as we get ready to head out

Getting ready to leave Big Slick's & Westminster Texas

The lady in the tan pants is Patricia Boone. This is her family and they are from Lakeland Florida. Patricia represents Lakeland Harley-Davidson and is an attorney and also handles motorcycle accidents, car accidents and several other areas that you would need an attorney for. She works for Lex Taylor, Attorneys At Law 3900 South Florida Ave Suite 205, Lakeland Florida. Phone: 863-648-5333 fax: 863-646-2923. If you live in that area of the country and need a good, knowledgeable attorney, give Patricia Boone a call. Also check out Lakeland Harley Davidson at this link:

We depart Big Slick's and head South.. That's Larry in front of me

The folks behind me as we head away from Westminster Texas

It was nice country out thru here and good roads

We make a quick stop in Bailey Texas and I took this picture for obvious reasons. Vicki got out of their vehicle to get a picture of the riders.

We depart Bailey Texas and head on down the road

The riders behind me. Every time we stop, I change positions, so there is always someone new in front & behind me.

One of the roads we were to ride down turned out to be gravel, dirt & rocks. We pull over to find an alternate route. The road showed to be paved on the maps..

Angelo is a little upset that the road is not paved as the map showed. But, ya know, a ride isn't a true ride, unless something goes wrong, like a navigational error, map being wrong, human error etc. As long as no one gets hurt, it's a great ride.

This is Jim. Angelo calls Jim his human GPS, as Jim knows how to get everywhere. Angelo turned the ride over to Jim at this point

We turn around and head East back up this country road. That is Steve coming out of his u-turn

We get established on TX Hwy 67 and head South

We get caught at another traffic light at I-30. We are about 35-40 miles East of Dallas at this point

We cross over I-30 and gas up on the other side

We left the gas station and planned on eating here at Ole Whisker's Catfish Buffet in Greenville Texas. Problem was we got there at 2:40 p.m. and they didn't open until 4:00 p.m. Who ever heard of a restaurant right on I-30 not opening until 4:00 p.m. ? We left & went elsewhere. Ole Whiskers lost a couple hundred dollars worth of business today...

We sit in the parking lot and figure out where to go eat.

We pick a destination and head out. Here we are stopped on the I-30 service road

Don't ya just love the traffic congestion in the big cities?

Inside Applebee's Restaurant, Greenville Texas. At this table: Bobby, Russ, Steve and Kyle

Here is Angelo as he ponders the quantum theory of relativity

At this table: Tammy, Jim, Lonnie, Jim and part of Lamont

At this table: Vicki's arm, Rodney, Mark & part of David

The hardest working waitress in Applebee's Greenville Texas: Codi

Inside the Applebee's Greenville Texas

We head out and get ready to make a run down I-30 to Stroker's in Dallas

The Applebee's Restaurant in Greenvile Texas off of I-30. For more info, see this link:

Getting ready to head to Stroker's

Our next destination

On our way West bound on I-30

Plenty of traffic out today on the interstate

The Dallas skyline comes into view as we continue West on I-30

Getting closer

We arrive at Strokers in Dallas Texas

Strokers Dallas Texas

Some of the bikes for sale sitting out front.. There were more inside.

More of the outside for sale bikes

Inside Strokers

One of many bikes on display inside Strokers

can't get too close to this one

Colorful to say the least

Another display model

A display model showing where the gas tank, oil tank etc is located..

This is the Miller Lite bike and the Coors bike is next to it. The gas tank is two beer can shaped tanks

I think this was one of the Victory's that were on display

More of the bikes out front

Inside Strokers bar & grill

The sun was burning bright today and Kyle bears testament to that as Amy looks on

Customer parking lot was full out back

More of the customer bikes out back of Strokers

Kyle & Amy in Strokers

Vicki & Rodney in Strokers

Mark checks in, just prior to us leaving Strokers for home

Some of the characters that adorn the roof of Strokers. For more info on Strokers, see this link:

Are you a Mom? Well, if you are and you go to Strokers, you have your own parking space

We leave Strokers and head down Regal Row to I-35

The bikes behind me as we head to I-35... See that Dallas Police car in the center lane?

The Dallas Police car pulled onto the corner lot and we find out the Dallas Police Officer in it is Bobby's son. Here is Bobby's son, Reed & Bobby. Bobby's other son is in the police academy in Wichita Falls Texas. When he graduates, he will be working with my son, Matt, who is also a police officer

Here is Steve as we wait on some of the riders to gas up

Kyle gasses up Amy's bike while Amy watches the going ons over by the Police car

Mark tops of his tank

The Dallas Police car

Bobby, Reed & David.

All gassed up and getting ready to head North on I-35E. Bobby says goodbye to Reed. Be careful out there Reed and it was great meeting you.

We get established on I-35 and here is the mirror shot of those behind me and the sky line of Dallas

Tammy as we roll North on I-35E out of Dallas

Northbound on I-35E

Northbound on I-35E

Still North Bound on I-35E. We were heading to Denton Texas where we would pick up US-380 and go west on it to Decatur Texas, where we would swing North on US-287

Here we are established Westbound on US-380 & leaving Denton Texas

West bound was brutal because that sun was right in our eyes..

The riders behind me on US-380 as we close in on Decatur Texas and US-287

Angelo rode with s as far as Decatur before turning around and heading back to Dallas (where he lives) Here is Angelo on US-380

Angelo behind me..Thanks Angelo, it was a great day & a great ride.

Here we are Northbound on US-287

Northbound on US-287

Steve took over as road captain and led us the final 70 miles to home. Here we ride North to Wichita Falls Texas and get a great view of the setting sun. This was the last picture taken of today's ride.
I enjoyed today's ride and being with everybody again and meeting the new folks down in Dallas. With the exception of an "in house" problem that occurred on our ride home, this was a great trip and I thank Angelo for taking us along with him. I look forward to our next ride to Dallas and for Angelo & his friends to come up here and we will take him on one of our rides..
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  1. Looks like you had a good group, and great time. How many went, and what time did you get back to WF
    Mark M

  2. Mark,

    We had a good ride Mark..There were 14 riders from here and we met up with seven more in McKinney. Hopefully next time you can join us. Would like to have you with us...


  3. Hi bro! i´m happy to read you again on North...III(for a while i was thinking you were lost!), well, i see you don't waste your time and that's great, on the road again...

    Ride safe and ride free, greetings.

  4. john, fabulous post and pics, as usual. thoughts and prayers are going out that the surgery goes without a hitch, and that you have a quick recovery!! take care my friend, and keep us updated...

  5. Looks like one great ride, I love Tammys Harley (and matching shoes) lol I would of loved to of been there riding with you guys, fantastic photos and write up..

  6. Looks like a blast. Curious if you use special software for your posts? Blogger takes for ever to add pictures and put them where you want them...

    Ride on,